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Access System: Benefits

Nowadays home's aren't as safe as they used to be. With new ways of breaking into peoples home's, it is easier than ever for a burglar to break in but with Access Systems they lessen these chances or even get rid of them all together, it can also give you peace of mind knowing that all your valuable possesions are safe. Even if your busy or away and a person is at your door you will be glad to have an intercom with just a click of the button and you can see whose at the door! Or maybe its for your business then its never been more easier to have TomTec install a affordable Access System for your business to simplify the time needed to get your employees into work. We at TomTec are here too install these Systems whether its at your home or your business so you can rest peacefully knowing that its all under control.

An old one but a good one!

After many years of faithful service, this fire panel at an office complex in Preston has finally been retired. It has now been upgraded to an advanced addressable fire system. Is your system working at its optimum? Please call us about maintenance or upgrading your Fire Panal.

Does Your CCTv system need a Makeover?

We installed a cctv system a few years ago in Blackpool, which was great at the time. We recently updated it with a new IP CCTV system. Why? Technology keeps advancing and so do we here at TomTec. Don't get left behind or vulnerable with an outdated CCTV security system. Let us do a FREE review for you. We can future proof your security system...

Out with the Old - in with the new!

Do you want to deter criminals with your alarm system? Thats kind of the point right? An old, dated alarm box may encourage crimnals instead! Let potential criminals know you're not their next potential victim. Upgrading your system may not be as costly as you think. Why not request a FREE siste survey from TomTec today? It may well save you more than it costs!

Intruder Alarms Preston

With an intruder alarm that is correctly installed you will be taking the necessary precautions to keeping your house safe and your possesions in it, making them less likely to be stolen, you also (in then very unlikely case you get burgled) will get notified of the break-in. Intruder Alarms are the best option to keeping your property safe while you’re not around. As an installer for security systems we are accredited by SSAIB, we focus on installing the highest-quality equipment to keep your home safe.

fire Alarms Preston

The right installation and maintenance of a Fire Alarm System are necessary for protecting your life or your family's life as well as your property and possibly even business. Acting quickly is vital, if you do detect a fire or fires early it lessens the chance of any harm. At TomTec we are dedicated to keeping up with the fire safety standards with our services and equipment so that you can keep safe.

Where there is smoke...

Did you know that 3 out of 5 fire deaths happen in homes that either dont have a fire alarm system or that have one but that isn't working correctly! Don't you think that's tragic? According to curent statistics, as high as 38% of home fire deaths result from fires in which no smoke alarms are present. In the event of a fire in your home, you may have as little as 2 minutes to escape, which is why it's recommended that tested and working smoke alarms are fitted in each bedroom, hallway and landing, as well as on each level of your premises. That's where TomTec can help...

CFP Fire Panels

C-TEC’s award-winning CFP conventional fire panels are EN certified and fully compliant with a range of user friendly features. They're supplied in an attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, 2, 4 and 8 zone versions are available, each featuring key pad or key switch entry. TomTec prefer these panals because they come with a wide range of engineering functions which allows us to easily tailor to your site requirements. Also comprehensive test and fault finding facilities are provided so we can ensure your system stays active, keeping you, your family and home or workers and premises safe...

Someones Having A Windup!

At least we got a good bicep workout this week cranking these pole mounted cameras up and down for some maintenance work. Left this site with a fully operational CCTV system including fully functional dome and ANPR cameras. Speak to us to discuss any of your CCTV, Fire or Security needs.

Stay safe with Security Cameras

A security camera is the most effective way to catch and deter burglars. They not only scare them away, but if they go unnoticed, they will capture every move of a burglar if they are in sight, increasing the likelihood of catching them and providing substantial evidence to the police. With 63 percent of home burglaries taking place in homes that lack a basic security system, it is a worthwhile investment to avoid the worst-case scenario. Contact us to install a security camera today!

Better Safe than sorry

Did you know that one burglary is thought to occur every 106 seconds in the uk. Do you live in an area where there are high burglary statistics? It’s critical to invest in your home’s security to ensure that your home becomes less of a target. People that didn't have a basic security system were accounted for 63% of all burgularies. 60% of burgulars said they wouldn't try to burgle a house if there was an alarm. At TomTec we are trying to help people in Preston and the North West have a safer home.

Which system is best?

Here at Tomtec we reccomend Pyronix alarm and cctv systems, because "with Pyronix you're in control." With their remote access system your property security and remote monitoring is in the palm of your hand. Using the HomeControl 2.0 mobile app means you're Always Connected and Always Protected...

What Lee says...

Lee Parnell gave us a 5 Star review: "We have been using TomTec Security for many years now. Great personal service from this company. Our site at Red Scar, Preston has had some issues and we have always been able to contact them and get a response. They also provided a full new alarm system and install last year. I would highly recommend them."

Crime Stats...

Did you know? The latest data shows a 4% rise in burgalries in England and Wales! The latest Home Office figures reveal that if you live in Blackpool you are 3 x more likely to be targeted by criminals! In the Lancashire area, of the North West, Preston and South Ribble have the joint third burglary rate of 9.5 per 1000 households. What can you do to protect your family, your home or your business? Install a good quality Intruder Alarm and CCTV System. Call Tomtec for a FREE site survey and quote...

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About TomTec

Northwest cover - personal touch. As a family firm with over 25 years of experience, we are constantly making homes and businesses, in Preston and the Northwest, more safe & secure. We are friendly, professional and you can trust us to deliver what we promise. Please visit us here at our Blog to find regular news items and current advice, or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. We welcome your feedback on our services. See you soon!
Lee ParnellLee Parnell
11:55 10 Apr 24
We have been using TomTec Security for many years now. Great personal service from this company. Our site at Red Scar, Preston has had some issues and we have always been able to contact them and get a response. They also provided a full new alarm system and install last year.I would highly recommend them.
Faruk MalekFaruk Malek
08:08 24 Feb 24
Reliable, friendly and great service. Highly recommended
Daniel hutchinsonDaniel hutchinson
08:42 24 Aug 23
Absolutely first class service and support. Tom was extremely professional and fitted our Alarm system and CCTV, providing guidance and assistance with the App installation and workings. Since installation, any question and advice we have needed, Tom has provided in an extremely efficient manner. Highly recommend.
Kristine NeilKristine Neil
18:58 01 Aug 23
Excellent service

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